Bitcoin on the
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Attention, Treasurers, Executives and Directors

Struggling to get your head around Bitcoin? Get up to speed fast and find if it’s right for your company’s balance sheet.

Bitcoin for corporate treasury

We fast-track your knowledge of Bitcoin on the balance sheet

Make faster better decisions about Bitcoin on the balance sheet as a corporate reserve asset


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We save you thousands of hours and expense

Learning about Bitcoin can be a painful experience involving countless hours of reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts, talking with people and so on. Vast islands of knowledge and information, much of it technical, are difficult to find and make sense of.

Top 5 areas of Bitcoin on the balance sheet that every executive must know

Gain a broad understanding of Bitcoin to improve your decision making about Bitcoin on the balance sheet.


Basic overview of Bitcoin, its history and fundamentals.

Tax & Accounting

Financial implications of holding Bitcoin on the balance sheet.

Legal & Regulatory

Canadian legal and regulatory framework surrounding Bitcoin today.

Environment, Social & Governance

Bitcoin’s impact on the environment and society and its governance model.


Plain-language discussion of the technology used in Bitcoin.

Bonus Board Package

Includes presentation slides for discussing Bitcoin with your board.

Avoid frustration learning about Bitcoin on the balance sheet on your own

Let us save you time and help deepen your knowledge. We are passionate about Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset and spent thousands of hours learning and building relationships with industry experts for all your answers.

Our Advantage

  • Personal
    In-person for a better learning experience.
  • Plain-speaking
    We speak your language, no jargon.
  • Connections
    Valuable network for all your answers.
  • Value
    Significant savings to learning on your own.
  • Satisfaction
    If you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay.

Our Process

We meet with you each week in person, virtually or on-site, for 5 weeks to discuss a different Bitcoin topic each week so that by the end, you are ready to decide if Bitcoin is right for your corporate treasury.

Our Lead

Rick Arter

Rick Arter

Co-founder & Practice Lead

Rick is a company founder, director and past corporate executive, himself, passionate about Bitcoin and its role as a corporate reserve asset on the balance sheet.


There is a fixed supply of Bitcoin and more than 90% has already been issued.
The time is NOW to learn more about Bitcoin.

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