A week-long Product Ideation forum kick’s off the customer’s mobile application journey. Over the course three (3) Product Ideation forum workshops, the customer’s idea for a mobile application is explored from the perspective of the problem it will solve, for whom it is intended, what the key features might be, how it will be unique in the market or work place, what will define success, how it will get in the hands of users, and the hypotheses and assumptions for its usefulness and usability that will need to be proven as quickly as possible before too much time and cost is spent pursuing an idea that may not gain the expected traction and benefits as presently formed.

What gets delivered from the Product Ideation forum is a lean canvas that succinctly captures the essence of the idea for the mobile application. The lean canvas is modelled off work from both Ash Maurya and Eric Ries, two industry recognized leaders in lean thinking and product innovation.

Key artifacts delivered from the Product Ideation forum though the lean canvas include:

  • Problem statement
  • Solution statement
  • Unique value proposition
  • Key users
  • Key features
  • Key measures
  • Channels
  • Hypotheses
  • Assumptions
  • Costs
  • Revenue (if applicable)