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Are you challenged by deadlines and quality? Are you concerned that you may be missing something? Then our review and audit services can help.

Technology review and audit

A Different Kind Of Review & Audit

If you’re stressed about an upcoming technology review and audit, if you’re afraid of looking exposed and incapable, if you would prefer to live with the current risks and situation than subject yourself to a technology review or audit, if you’re always glad when it’s over and done, then you’re the perfect candidate for a different kind technology review and audit.

How to have fun and get energized going through a technology review & audit.

We remove the stress and friction of technology reviews and audits by bringing compassion, kindness and humility to the activity. As a bonus, we’re also super fun to work with! Reviews and audits are meant to help and should not be a painful experience.

All Gain, No Pain.

Getting Through Your Next Technology Review & Audit Intact and Re-energized.

Our Advantage

  • Fellow human beings
    We’re sympathetic, empathetic and compassionate and want to build you up, not tear you down.
  • Fellow practitioners
    We understand firsthand what you are going through and the challenges you are facing.
  • Fellow technology enthusiasts
    We love technology as much as you do and want to see your projects succeed.
  • Fellow experts
    We don’t profess to know more than you, we simply bring a fresh set of eyes to the table.

Our Services

  • Software review & audit
    Code reviews, assses architecture, UI/UX design, integration points, processes & standards, more.
  • Cloud review & audit
    Review monitoring, logical and physical access, systems operations, change management, more.
  • Cybersecurity review & audit
    Facilitate penetration tests, policy and procedures review, compliance review, more.
  • Organizational review & audit
    Review IT organization structure, processes and procedures, skills and experience, more.

Our People

Evan Kirkwood

Evan Kirkwood

Co-founder & Practice Lead

Evan is a business leader, product manager and software expert, himself, passionate about technology and its transformative effect on businesses

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