Lean process

Do you need to show results faster and more often? Are you concerned about quality? Let us help bridge the gap.

After more than 10 years of successfully following a lean process for our own work, we are happy to share our knowledge and expertise.

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A stronger better lean process in 3 easy steps.

We help implement or strengthen your current lean process so that you see results quality faster more often.

Review current process

We review your current process and interview staff to identify challenges and areas for improvement based upon current best practices.

Target lean process

We layer on a target lean process and specifically highlight parts that will help address challenges and deficiencies in the current process.

Bridge the gap

We develop an action plan for moving from the current process to the target lean process complete with tasks, assignments and due dates.

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Why we are right for your lean process improvement project?

We value our customer relationships as much as we value the work. We take pride in helping customers build a better lean process for better business outcomes.

Service First

We are service oriented and that means you must be fully satisfied otherwise we’re not doing our job.

Results Oriented

Executing recommendations and action plans to help you bridge the gap is all-important to us.


We have been successfully applying lean process for over 10 years and have learnt much from that experience.


We are certified in Scrum in the roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master and we are also certified in lean UX design.


We have a creative solution for bringing together Scrum, lean UX and Lean Startup into one convenient framework.

Knowledge Transfer

We’ll make sure you have the knowledge to be successfully follow your improved lean process so that you’re not locked in.

Do you use lean process for full software lifecycle?

Our innovative all-in-one lean process improvement solution brings together Scrum, lean UX and Lean Startup into one convenient easy to use framework.


  • Ideation
    Your app begins with a common understanding of the problem it needs to solve, for what audience, and how to measure success.

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  • UX Design
    After identifying your audience’s needs, we follow your brand guidelines to shape the design and user experience of your mobile application.

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  • Usability Testing
    We won’t venture down a path that won’t work for your audience. Instead of costly reworks, we provide usability testing to proactively observe user insights.

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  • Agile Development
    We bring your app to life on time and on budget through the agile software development Scrum framework, which we are certified in.

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  • Seamless Integration
    To avoid any disruption to your business, we provide seamless connections from your app to your back end business systems.

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  • Deployment
    We don’t stop at the build. We promote your app while handling any platform/app store issues, updates, new features and bug fixes.

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  • Ongoing Support
    To avoid any user disappointment we monitor crash reports, operating system changes and user reviews, all while fixing any issues that arise.

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  • Promotion & Training
    Inbound marketing practices underpin our promotional services, from copywriting to SEO. We also provide client training to advocate for the best use of the app.

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  • Analytics
    If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We report monthly on downloads, feature usage, user ratings, and conversion rates for effective optimization.

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