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Attention, Business & Technology Leaders

Does everyone on your technology governance and advisory boards look and act the same? Tired of getting the same results despite best intentions to improve?

Govcerance & advisory

Why Boards Are Like Financial Portfolios

If you feel your technology board is not asking the tough questions and is rubberstamping everything, if you feel your advisory board is disengaged, if your technology councils consistently come to an agreement fast, then it’s possible your governance and advisory boards are not sufficiently diverse.

Diversification is key but hard to achieve and harder to maintain

Let us bring a diversity of backgrounds, skills and experience to your governance and advisory boards to provide guidance and advice to help you remain on track and overcome challenges.

Re-Balance Your Boards & Committees Often

Protect against future downturns by having diversified oversight.

Our Advantage

  • International experience
    Exposure to different cultures from working overseas.
  • Startup & corporate experience
    Hands-on practitioners as startup founders and corporate executives.
  • Leading technologies experience
    Whether mobile, Bitcoin or lean process, we love new technology.
  • Human experience
    We understand that achieving success is about human behaviour.

Our Services

  • Board chair
    Establish board structure, plan and facilitate meetings, support outcomes.
  • Independent director
    Help set and support standards, risk management, serve as a watchdog.
  • External advisor
    Problem solve, explore options, concepts and ideas, help set direction.
  • Committee member
    Track performance metrics, ensure business alignment, risk management.

Our People

Rick Arter

Rick Arter

Co-founder & Practice Lead

Rick is a business and technology leader, himself, and has diverse advisory boards for his own companies.

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