Ongoing Support

Once the mobile application is ‘shipped’, we will assure that it continues to operate as expected. We will remedy any flaws discovered through regular use and operation. Incidents can be reported online and may also be reported automatically through our monitoring systems. Incidents will be fed into the product backlog for prioritization.

We will also assure that the mobile application remains compatible with new versions of the underlying mobile operating system (mobile OS) as they become available from the mobile vendors, e.g. Apple and Google. Although new versions of the mobile OS generally improve the operation of the mobile device and the applications that run on them, they can sometimes inadvertently ‘break’ applications, particularly if certain core functions are deprecated. We’ll replace any deprecated core operating system functions the mobile application may be dependent upon such that the mobile application continues to perform as expected.

On a monthly basis, we’ll report on any new incidents and their status. We’ll also report on any mobile operating system compatibility tests conducted along with our findings and recommendations.

Key artifacts delivered from our maintenance service include:

  • Incident severity and status
  • Mobile operating system compatibility tests
  • Remedied source code