Promotion & Training

As much as we would like it to be a case of “build it and they will come”, that often doesn’t happen without a concerted effort to promote the mobile application. That goes for internal-use applications as much as for general-purpose public applications. The right combination of words and phrases describing the mobile application online and in application stores is key to ranking high in the search results, as is garnering ratings and reviews and responding to that feedback. Our copy writers, search engine optimization and mobile application store optimization experts develop copy content for promotional campaigns that we can help plan, setup and execute across multiple channels.

If the customer is interested in paid advertising, we will help set up those advertising accounts and monitor the results (conversions) and manage the advertising spend over the course of the campaign to achieve maximum return for the advertising budget.

Training of internal-use applications is sometimes required, particularly where the mobile application is being inserted into existing business workflows. We will deliver train-the-trainer training so that our customers can train their employees on the best use of the mobile application.

Key artifacts delivered from our promotion service include:

  • Application store copy content
  • Press release copy content
  • Social advertising copy content
  • Train-the-trainer material