Usability Testing

Usability testing with actual users is extremely beneficial to ensuring the mobile application is designed to be and remains fit for purpose. Often, usability testing is only considered after the fact, once the product is shipped (i.e. once the mobile application is in the store or deployed to employee mobile devices). Although usability testing is extremely important to do after shipping, it’s equally important to do before as well, preferably during development to surface design issues that the project team can respond to during development.

Usability testing is not a one-time activity, or something undertaken when time allows. We schedule usability testing at regular intervals during development and throughout the year once the mobile application is shipped depending on the service plan. Usability testing is intrinsic to validating hypotheses and assumptions around the original idea so that corrective adjustments can be made where needed to increase the mobile application’s usefulness and usability which in turn leads to increased uptake and benefits.

Usability testing is organized and facilitated by staff certified in usability testing techniques by the Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g).

Key artifacts delivered from our usability testing service include:

  • Participant screening guide
  • Usability test schedule
  • Usability tasks
  • Observations, findings and recommendations