Mobile apps for business

Need to provide a better mobile experience for employees and customers? Missing out because you’re not mobile? We help mobilize your business services.

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Technology Consulting

Lean operations

Need to show results faster with less waste? Are you concerned about quality? Can you turn on dime when needed? We help you get lean and agile for better results.

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Technology Consulting Services

Are you finding it difficult to build support, momentum and direction for your idea or project? Do you need to show faster results with less waste? Are you concerned about quality?

Our consulting services can help you get started, stay on track and show results faster

Review & Audit

We review your ideas and projects with a thoughtful and inquisitive mind. From that, we make recommendations to overcome current and future challenges and we can create action plans.

Coaching & Training

We are highly personable, knowledgeable and accommodating. We go at your pace and provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for a better learning experience and knowledge transfer.

Governance & Advisory

We can monitor your progress, regularly check in, participate in review committees and advisory boards to provide advice and guidance to help you remain on track and overcome new challenges.

Temporary Staffing

We can help get the work done and take a hands-on role in your team as product owner, scrum master, project manager, team leader, solution architect, UX designer, tester or developer.

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Consulting solutions for Apps and Lean Operations

Our passion, knowledge and expertise can save you time and money, show results early, and position you for the future.

Mobile apps for business

Mobile is where we started and where we continue to excel. We have deep consulting expertise and track record in developing wonderful mobile experiences.

Lean process improvement

We’re strong advocates of lean and agile processes and have developed innovative twists on daily scrums, backlog grooming, sprint planning and product reviews.

Our Story

Rick and Evan were at the vanguard of worldwide mobile adoption when they started their consulting company in 2010 with a mission to help businesses transact on the go using smartphones and tablets.

Where others saw opportunity in consumer apps, Rick and Evan saw opportunity in business apps. From their very first customer on the south side of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the company quickly expanded to help mobilize businesses across Canada.

Rick and Evan are now at the vanguard of another disruptive technology in Bitcoin. Once again, where others see opportunity in consumer solutions, Rick and Evan see opportunity consulting in business solutions helping companies decide if Bitcoin has a place on the balance sheet as a corporate reserve asset and inflation hedge.

Our Advantage

  • We’re easy to work with, flexible and accommodating
  • We’re fun, humour plays a large part in our day to day
  • We’re dedicated, first to arrive, last to leave
  • We’re experienced, more than 60 years experience between us
  • We’re certified, Scrum master, product owner, project manager, UX design
  • We’re respected, just ask our customers
Michael Hogan

“AKA had the right approach, professionalism, knowledge, and skills to deliver the project on time and on budget. Thanks to AKA, the Access ACSA app allows us to provide a better level of service to our students.”

Michael Hogan /Alberta Construction Safety Association

Medhat Nasr

“AKA gave us a clear idea of our project’s scope, what to expect, and a better idea of the process on how to take our idea from development to a product.”

Medhat Nasr / Alberta Agriculture & Forestry

Tim Trytten

“I was facing time constraints and dollar constraints. I wanted something agile. I’ve got nothing but the highest praise for AKA’s work. They’re communicative and responsive. They’re problem-solvers.”

Tim Trytten / Alberta Emergency Management Agency

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