The effects of an underpowered technology infrastructure on notification speed

Data Centre

In an earlier post, Hop to it…the hops a notification message takes, we outlined the hops a notification message takes to reach a mobile device and the effect those hops have on notification delivery speed. To recall, there were four primary hops, or steps, that a notification message takes.

The physical technology infrastructure underpinning the services and processes inside each hop is equally important. An underpowered technology infrastructure can cause delays in servicing and processing times at each hop. If not powered sufficiently, each hop (or step) in the process takes longer. These delays can quickly add up as the notification progresses down the line.

Most organizations can control the technology infrastructure in the first two steps of the process (hops) but have no (limited) control after that (see our earlier post for the first two steps). What technology infrastructure Apple and Google choose to power their notification services is up to them. Same for end users. What mobile device they choose is up to them. Organizations can always inform, lobby and educate but have limited ability to drive action or change themselves.

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